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By nkid
Dec 18, 2007
  1. I just recently bought a new GeForce 8600 card for christmas. My old card was a GeForce 7100. I understand that when u get a new video card that u have to install software for that card.. correct? Will some one please explain to me the order and steps of what to do when my new card come in? Thank You
  2. It really isn't all that difficult. There really isn't even much of an order for what to do.

    What you get is the card, an instruction manual of some sort or a warning booklet, and a CD. All you do is pop in the CD, install the software, then plug in your card to the motherboard, and plug the monitor into the port that's on the new card. Done.

    If you feel like it, you can go into your device manager and disable or uninstall the old card afterward. You don't really have to. I think you should though because otherwise i'll pretty much be sitting there wasting power.

    Start> Control Panel> System> Hardware Tab> Device Manager> Display Devices> Geforce 7100. Right click, uninstall, yes you're sure you want to do it. Done.

    Then unscrew the old card, and remove it.

    Praise the graphics card industry/manufacturers for making this process so simple :D. I refuse to praise microsh1t though.

    There's really only one reason you might want to keep the other card installed and operational. And that is if you want to have a dual monitor setup. When you install the software, there's usually some sort of program that's installed with it. It helps you adjust some of the settings on the card. In that software is the ability to have two monitors recognized by the system. All you do is enable the second monitor through the software after hooking it up, and then you've got a second monitor :D.

    Hope I've enlightened you quite a bit.
  3. be_patient

    be_patient TS Rookie Posts: 103

    And once that is completed....

    Attach your new card and screw it in.

    Load up your computer and install the correct drivers. (should be on the CD that will come with your card, OR head over to nVidia website and grab the newest drivers)

    Very very easy to do. enjoy the card!
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