newbe - need help with a flash stick devise not working

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Jun 15, 2005
  1. Yes, I'm new here. I've had great help at other sites but new to this one. Here's the problem. I have a year old HP Pavilion 700. (also a HP laptop and another older custom built desktop.) I've plugged my PDA and printer into the USB ports and they work fine. And until last week, my flash stick and camera worked fine in the same USB ports. But not now. The PDA and printer still work but not the camea and stick. When I usually plug in the flash stick and camera, I get a window that ask me what I want to do with the devise the drivers recognized. I don't get that message now on the Pavilion desktop. The camera and flash stick work just fine and properly when plugged into the USB ports on the other computers. The HP help desk has been no help. Any suggestions? My OS is XP, the samera is an Olympus C-5000, the flash stick is a 2.0 128mg. Thanks ahead of time for the help.
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    Hello and welcome to techspot :wave: :wave:

    regarding your problem did u try using those in an another USB jack in the ;aptop, try this i know this is a dumn solution, but sometimes the simplest solution might be the right solution. :)
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    Yes, I tried that. About 3 months ago, the same thing happened and HP walked me through it and fixed it. But I had to talk with 3 guys before some one knew how to repair it. So far, I've talked with 3 guys (Okay, 2 guys and 1 lady) and that's why I'm here!

    thanks for your suggestion.
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    Have you got any 'mapped' drives from a network on that PC?
    If so re-assign them to letters higher up in the alphabet.
    Dumb items like memory-cards (from cameras) and USB keys, can't see any further than physical HDs and CDs.
  5. oldsurfer

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    Thanks for the suggestion. It's not on a network. The problem is with a camera and flash sticks and the USB ports. My computer is getting slower, so I may ahve a virus that attacked my drivers and is slowing everything down. Any suggestions as to how to determine which virus it is and get rid of it?
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