Newbie Cant/won't surf

By domus
Jun 22, 2003
  1. Hello all,
    I have just joined this forum hoping someone could help me.
    First let me introduce myself; I am a 'young' 58 married man, we own 3 Siamese and a Black Oriental, a Honda Shadow and a large mortgage. Is there anybody that can help with a problem I have :blush: For just over a week now if I use my server 'Plusnet' I cannot hop/surf to several other sites, 'page not found'. Plusnet is still looking into this. I have tried 'ipconfig' 'tracert' 'flushdns' and even checked my network settings, manualy and automatically. If I connect through another server 'UKU' no problem. I have even been asked, by Plusnet to change my 'dns' numbers, username and password, connect to these other sites with their 'dns' numbers. As you can read, strange! Is there please someone who can hel??

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