Newbie Here~ Question About Bookmark Buddy

By sandieluvsbears
Feb 26, 2007
  1. Hi, Im on the "challanged" side when it comes to software downloads, lol. I was wondering if anyone can give me any info on the BookMark Buddy, what Im looking for is something else to use for my favorites, other then just my Windows fav list (its pretty full and I do not want to delete anything) , I saw the BookMark Buddy download and was wondering if this would be good to use, or is it "not" what Im thinking it is, and thats for saving urls. ALl I really want is a something extra for my favorites. (I had the Yahoo toolbar with the bookmarks and did not like it at all). Thanks for any help. Sandie
  2. I know nothing about "bookmark buddy", and have never used it, but if you are using firefox I would suggest "Foxmarks" for backing up your bookmarks and such. And from googling it, looks like bookmark buddy costs you money, right? In that case I would really just use firefox and search through their add ons, they've got just about everything you could ever need. Just a suggestion, good day :)
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