Newbie & Install New Hard Drive

By ramit56
Aug 12, 2005
  1. Hello to All:
    I am a ewbie at this & thought I'd try my hand at installing the new hard drives & install Windows 98.
    So... To start..... I've replace the hard drive in my computer with a new Maxtor 40G HD. The previous HD crashed and nothing could be retrieved. So I am starting fresh. I obtained the HD from eBay and no paper or information arrived with t. Also I installed a slave HD (15 GB Maxtor fom ebay/no paper also) and have it set according to the directions at the MAXTOR site as to set it up as the MASTER HD and the SLAVE HD. I put the SYSTEM Setup disk in the drive "A: (floppy drive) and start up. Once to that point it boots to a:\ and I need to know where to go from here. If there is a place where someone can be on line & chat and lead me through this I'd appreciate it. I have as you can see another computer that I can use while fixing the other.
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