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Newbie Install of dual xp operating systems

By kanlite
Mar 2, 2005
  1. I run a system with two sata drives in Raid 0 configuration and with xp pro. I want to install a third ide drive to the primary ide slot and install a seperate xp pro o/s on it. IDE drive for the kids, sata array for my video editing. I have installed the ide drive, initialised and formatted it as x:\. Questions are
    1. What are the steps involved after this to install the o/s?
    2. Do I have to reinstall the S3112 drivers during the second reinstall?

    Assistance is sought because on about the 5th blue screen into the xp install where a list of hard drives and partitions should be listed I am only getting the ide drive. I believe that is what is being identified because of the storage capacity indicated on the screen. Why isn't the sata drives (which are stripped into one drive) and the five partitions I have on them being recognised.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated . :rolleyes:
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