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May 22, 2006
  1. Can someone tell me how to overclock my computer to get better performance? The specs are in my profile. I'll soon be installing a 2.6 P4 in it so For now I have the Celeron D 1.8.
  2. CMH

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    you shouldn't be doing any overclocking on a Celeron.
  3. CrossFire851

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    I don't think he's overclocking the cele and what's the problem with ocing it? lol.

    You won't be able to overclock if it is an oem computer like Dell, Gateway, hp, etc.

    You should get the Pentium D 805 as it is an awsome overclocker and way more future proof.
  4. CMH

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    Okay, if you want to overclock it, you'd have to access the BIOS and change the FSB.

    If you don't like getting fried chips for lunch, try not to mess with the voltages too much. Also, get a program such as motherboard monitor (MBM, just google it) to monitor the temperature of your CPU.

    What is the purpose of overclocking anyway? If you're after more performance for critical processes, its not really recommended, because there may be instability which may not present itself for some time.

    If its for games, you're limited by your graphics card.

    Which is why I wouldn't really recommend your overclocking it.

    Having an 18Gb HDD as master is also not a very good option, unless its a WD Raptor. Looking at the other specs in your comp, you don't seem like the type who's after top end performance, so the chance that this is a raptor is pretty slim...

    18gb HDDs tend to be the slower models, and also being such a small HDD, data density is low. Therefore it'll take forever for you to access data leading to generally poor computer performance (slow startup, slow to navigate, etc).

    Also, you might be interested in upgrading your RAM to at least PC2700. I have personally tinkered with PC2700 and PC3200, and found that there's not much difference in them mainly because of the LAT in the 3200. Also, if you're running XP, 1gb of RAM is recommended. (the 3200 is still better, but by a slight margin).

    Crossfire, he might not be interested in the Pentium D since it may need a m/b upgrade as well. I'd recommend it as well though.
  5. craigdexter1

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    I have a P4 2.6 chip in it now. I plan on ditching the 18g HDD and just using the Maxtor 100g. I have W2k now for a OS but plan on moving to XP so to better handle my media files. I should have my ram in the mail today. (512 X 2)

    My MB requires pc2100 Memory so isn't there a conflict with the fasterram?

    Since I put the P4 in it does seem to work faster.
  6. KingCody

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    you're mobo is a socket478 micro-ATX board, I would be surprised it it allows you to overclock. if it's got the BIOS adjustments, then go for it (since, you're getting a new chip anyways).

    I personally wouldn't recomend getting another socket478 CPU though for your next upgrade, 478 has been replaced by 775 for quite a while now. If i were you, i would just keep my 2.6GHz P4 until I'm ready for a more complete system upgrade, because IMO another s-478 CPU just isn't worth buying.

    There won't be any conflict if you bought PC2700 or PC3200 RAM, but it would still run at PC2100 speeds.
  7. tipstir

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    I have this MOBO but with a P4 Prescott instead. You can overclock it your CPU to 2.8GHz, you might be able to hit 3.0GHz, but it also might be unstable. Go into the BIOS and in the CPU area raise the FREQ __ __ __ MHz you might be able to hit 180. Just take it easy otherwise the BIOS won't boot and you'll have to clear the CMOS by removing the jumper then put it back on before you press power.
  8. craigdexter1

    craigdexter1 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 63

    I will probably go AMD for my next box. I plan on starting that build soon.

    The P4 system i have is mainly the kids.

    Thanks for the advice evryone.

    BTW... I have a ATI overclocking utility for my VGC, I haven't used it though.
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