Newbie requesting advice on Soundmax Driver

By Acoustics4me
Apr 12, 2006
  1. Hey'a guys,

    I don't know alot about drivers etc, so have come to the experts for a bit of advice. I am having trouble with the sound on my pc. Sometimes things play too quietly and I have to turn the speaker knob right around to hear anything, and then of course you get the crackling static sound from having your speaker that far up. Anyways, my device is 'Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio', and my current driver is version I am just downloading an updated driver from this site, which is listed as version Rev. A. (btw, does REV A mean 'Revision A'? and if yes, what does that mean There have been three votes on this driver, which averaged out to a whopping 1/2 a star each for installation, stability and compatibility. So, should I bother installing this driver if it's obviously not that great? Or, is there another version that maybe isn't so up to date, but is a superior working version? My specs are XP Home SP2, running at 2.2ghz, on the AMD Athlon XP +3200 processor. Anything else you need to know, just ask. Please use laymans terms guys, as I'm still learning all this tech stuff. Thanks.... :)

  2. Sean

    Sean TS Rookie Posts: 100

    First off, welcome to techspot forums.

    Yes REV means Reversion. And your problems sounds more like the speakers are damaged, or there is some kind of interferance. What company makes your integrated sound? Im not familiar with amd southbridges. Furthermore check all settings in your EQ, zero them all. Try some headphones, or different speakers to narrow down the problems.
  3. Sean

    Sean TS Rookie Posts: 100

    Opps, forgot to add, yeah if you have integrated you will get alot of noise when you crank up your volume cause of eletrical interferance beacuse you sound dsp is integrated to your mobo, TURN THE VOLUME UP in the sound control panel, and also the program playing the music, try a free excellent music app, Foobar2000 Its one of the best. And a driver is a driver, it either works, or dosent, it should be based on a star system, that illogical.
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