Newbie wondering about 4XAGP/8X compatibility

By kumite
Feb 9, 2005
  1. This is a true newbie question. Right now, I have a 32MB 4X AGP vid card. I've read that an 8X card will fit the slot with no probs, but I won't get the extra speed, on the 4X speed. If I get a 128MB 8X AGP card, will I still get the benefits of the extra MB's or is all that tied into the bus rate difference between 4X and 8X?
    I've been playing Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and I'm just really sick and tired of the slow loading during the game and I'm looking for a way to speed it up. Thanks in advance.
  2. gamingguy27

    gamingguy27 TS Enthusiast Posts: 168


    As long as you buy a good enogh Gpu, the 4x should not make a differnce.
    I have a 4x Ati9700, and it runs halo on high graphics!

    So allthogh 8x is faster a good graphics card will make up the differnce.
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