By richelles
Oct 23, 2007
  1. After I logged in following registration I posted my problem before this email arrived. Apparently I might have posted to the wrong board. I started with computers at NASA back when vacuum tubes were standard equipment. I'm not a computer guru but I can build one from scratch. I started with a Trash 80 and a 3 bay expansion unit using 8" floppies for everything. From CPM, DOS, Visicalc, Wordstar, D-Base III and other programs on those floppies I've arrived at XP laptops with 60 GB HDs and a desktop tower with Vista and 320 GBs of HD. I use a computer as a typewriter mostly with some Google type searches for online research. I take my laptop computer everywhere we travel from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, the AMHS on the water, and motels all over. The advent of wireless has changed to where I seek out hotspots where ever we go so I can look at email. weather bureau radar, and do other things while traveling. My wife is a computer junkie who can turn her laptop on and ask me questions I don't know the answers to. Hers is mostly eBay but she does Google as long as she can use Ï'm feeling lucky".
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