By snipers215
Jan 21, 2008
  1. Just wanted to stop in here and say hello. I hope i can help some folks out in here .. not a comp. wiz by any means, but i'll do my best. I'll also have my fair share of questions, which i'm sure you guys can help me out with.

    Thanks, The Sniper
  2. Eddie_42

    Eddie_42 TS Rookie Posts: 173

    Welcome to TS.
  3. bobbobobbo

    bobbobobbo TS Rookie

    Everyone here seems to be really nice, glad more of us are finding a great site.

    (yey 3 posts)
  4. layla17

    layla17 TS Rookie

    Welcome to TechSpot bobbobobbo! You're name is a little tricky to type. All of the b's and o's seem to run together.
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