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By mamabear
Dec 15, 2006
  1. am definitelly a newcomer in training - always - and found this site by asking questions of my computer to help me understand all the freeware my computer guy has installed for me-

    I have AVG and Windows Defender among starters - and just installed on a recommendation of an online friend who has Linux (?) to use CCleaner -

    ...which I have used -

    My computer has aol on - and road runner - and using aol to check my email - (I am more familiar with it than road runner which I just got) - I have found that my computer schreen freezes up - and I have to use the off button on my CPU to shut it down - as I have "aol errors" -

    the other errors - CCleaner - removes but aol ones - not... so I am wondering is there such a thing as an aol error remover cleaner - I know it is a duh question - but I am still learning a lot - learned what a Trojan was - virus etc.

    Wiped out my computer memory in the beginning because I wasn't exactly sure how the restore disks worked - ... but it took me almost two years to learn how to keystroke - and now am learning graphics-

    but heck I am rambling - there such a thing which is a freeware which will remove aol errors from my computer ?
    help help help -I know - computer probs another area (sorry)
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Hi mamabear and welcome to TechSpot!!:)

    It is always a pleasure to greet a new member!!

    It looks to me as if you may be having spyware problems (i personally don't think very much of windows defender)!!

    If you make a post in the Security and the Web forum i will be happy to have a look and see it that is indeed the cause of your pc's ills!!:)
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