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By dnagordon
Jan 12, 2005
  1. Hey Ya'll,
    I have used this site many times before but only became a member today! (mostly because I was able to get my question anwsered by reading the forums for free) Since I got a 16x DVD+_ R / +_ RW Drive (double layer) for Christmas, well I knew I would be needing everyone's help so I signed up right away. I am not a computer whiz by far but Im not computer retarded either. I love this site and can't wait to finally be able to ask my own questions, this time and looking foward to working with everybody. :hotbounce
  2. rodriged

    rodriged TS Rookie

    Good Morning ! Happy New Year

    HI Everybody,

    My name is Ed an I am a Senior Tech with a major University in New Jersey. I have obtained great technical information in the past from you guys and gurls and I have decided to become part of the group. Looking forward to communicating with all of you. Peace

  3. davey22

    davey22 TS Rookie


    Hi all,
    I'm davey and I'm hoping this site will save me time - I work as a systems developer and I'm finding problem solving is taking most of my day.
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