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Newer PC user with used older PC

By Daniel86
Feb 11, 2005
  1. Hi...
    My name is Daniel. 52 year old musician...this is my first attempt at any kind of forum, or any other kind of public format, so I hope I don't insult anyone by asking 'too' dumb of a question...(although, when I think about it, dumb questions should be easier to answer) anyway, I was recently given an older laptop (Compaq series 2890B) that had a pretty beat-up version of Windows 98 installed on it. After days of strugling with it I decided to re-format hard drive and install Windows XP Home, which I did...I was successful in doing this, but now it seems to have slowed to a crawl...
    I tried to follow your suggestions to read all I can before asking anything, but, because of the speed (or lack of) , I'm not sure that I would live long enough to accomplish this...when I say slow, I mean that I think I have seen faster glasiers...
    Do you think that XP is the wrong OS to use? Perhaps goings back and try 98 again? Also, as this is my first experience with a laptop , can anyone tell me how to get to the set-up? I know my first computer I was able to press one of the 'F' buttons at the right time to get there, but as yet have not been able to do that with this one.

    Thank You, and I am looking forward to learning new things!
  2. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

    laptop + xp

    Welcome Daniel,
    Do you know any more information about the laptop? Like how much ram it has, processor speed, video processor, etc. Windows XP requires a pretty speedy system to run smoothly. The minimum specs. are a pentium 233 and 64 mb of ram. Many people say that it is a bad idea to try to use xp on any thing less than a pentium 500mhz with 128mb of ram. If your laptop doesn't meet this, then you would be better off installing windows 98.

    Usually pressing f2 or del. while the computer is booting will bring up the setup utility. Also, your slow system could be a result of components of the laptop being designed for 9x and not xp. Did you check in device manager to see if there are any exclamation points beside components? If there are, then some component(s) need updated with a newer driver. In xp device manager is start/control panel/performance and maintenance/system/hardware/device manager.
  3. Daniel86

    Daniel86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks vnf4ultra,
    I will heed your advice and try to re-install Win 98...As soon as I figure out how to un-install XP..
    Thanks again,
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