Newly built computer not quite working...

By Kiljaeh ยท 13 replies
Feb 18, 2006
  1. Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe, AMD Athlon X2 3800+, WD 10,000 RPM HDD, CD combo drive, Antec True Power 2.0 550W, eVGA GeForce 7800GT, 1GB RAM, SoundBlaster Audigy 2z

    I built a new computer from those parts. I have it all together, however, when I turn it on it displays nothing on the monitor and appears it's not doing much. Everything powers on, can see the CPU fan running, Video card fan running, and such. So it seems everything has power. But like I said, nothing displays on the monitor when I attempt to boot it up. Monitor will usually just stay black with power light blinking. Any help?
  2. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    Make sure you have the cable that plugs in to the 7800 properly connected. That maybe the problem.

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  3. Kiljaeh

    Kiljaeh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, the power cable is connected, and it's into the single video card slot. Can tell power is getting to the card since the fan is working.

    There are no beeps, or no audible sounds that come from the computer on a boot up attempt. Just everything powers on, and does nothing...
  4. mattw

    mattw TS Rookie Posts: 88

    is the VGA cable plugged into the gfx card and not the onboard gfx?
    ive done that once before lol
  5. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,184   +469

    Is the secondary motherboard power input connected too? You know, the 2x2 connector?
  6. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    That's what I thought it would be two.
  7. Kiljaeh

    Kiljaeh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    There is no onboard video card for the monitor to be plugged into.

    And the video card is pressed firmly into the PCI-E slot and has the 4 pin power cord connected to it.
  8. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    No it's a small cable and gives the hardware (mostly cpu) extra power usually buy the cpu.
  9. Kiljaeh

    Kiljaeh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Do you mean the smaller 4 pin power connector that's attached with the 24 pin motherboard power connection? If so, then yes, that too is plugged in. My friend thought it was that, but turns out not. I'm thinking I'm going to have to get one of my friends that's built a computer before to come over and take a look at it.
  10. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,184   +469

    I still don't think we are talking about the same connector. On your motherboard there is a white, square connector at the upper left, just behind the I/O connections. It's kind of on the opposite end from the 24 pin connector.
  11. deadman1013

    deadman1013 TS Rookie

    U said there were no sounds coming from the comp ... did u check that u placed ur CPU in properly.. cause i had this prob once and realised i had to get a new processor because i placed it wrongly.. a costlty mistake...
  12. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Make sure your mobo is mounted properly and not touching any part of the case. If it came with insulating washers for the mounting feet and screws make sure you use them. Do you need to place a jumper on that mobo to let it know you have a X2 CPU?

    No video out could also be a RAM vault. Ensure you have installed them in the correct slots for the sizes you have. I assume you have purchased the correct RAM for your mobo.
  13. Kiljaeh

    Kiljaeh TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Over the passed week I've tried many tests. I switched out the CPU with an older 3800+ non-X2 chip, didn't work. I switched out to an older PCI card, nothing. I switched out to different memory, same results. I also removed the board from the case and tried to run it to see if there was a shorting problem.. still nothing. So it seems my board is shot.. going to be getting another one to test my theory.
  14. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Wow a brand new brd like that dead? Hmm not likely (I would hope). Are you sure you mounted the mobo correctly and that (if any) the insulating washer for the mounting feet are installed, thereby the mobo is not grnding itself?

    DOH! I missed this statement.

    It wouldn't be something stupid like your monitor decided to crap out just now? Well good luck with that. Just really weird you buy a top of the line mobo like that and have a dead one shipped to you, sucks man.

    Take care.
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