Newly upgraded computer doesn't start

By TheMoose
Jul 18, 2007
  1. I've just upgraded my computer with a new MB and CPU, but when I press the power button the lights, fans and keyboard lights, all come on and the MB beeps (i don't think they are error beeps though) but the screen shows nothing!

    I have tried: Using only one RAM stick, a different HD, only 1 CD drive, using a different RAM slot, using another graphics card, clearing the CMOS and making sure that the screen is plugged in!

    CPU:AMD 64 3800+ Skt939
    Motherboard:ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 (Has an AGP + PCI-e slot)
    Graphics Card:ATi Radeon X1699 PRO AGP
    RAM:1x512MB DDR3200 RAM, 1x512MB DDR2700 RAM (I know this can cause probs so I tried with only one)
    HD:80GB using IDE cable
    CD Drive: DVDRW using IDE cable
    Using XP
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