Next Battlefield game rumored to be in pre-production

Daniel Sims

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Rumor mill: An industry insider claims that EA and DICE have started work on the next Battlefield game. They plan for it to be a significant course change after the catastrophic launch of Battlefield 2042 last November.

Rumor has it that the next Battlefield game is in early development. According to Xfire, EA says it has learned lessons from Battlefield 2042 and plans to reverse changes it made in that game. The recently released title quickly became one of Steam's worst-rated games of all time, and hundreds of thousands of players have petitioned for refunds.

Players complained of numerous bugs and missing features like VoIP, server browsers, and persistent lobbies. An anonymous insider says one feature EA is talking about changing for the next game is the specialist class — unique player characters, which weren't well-received in Battlefield 2042.

Future changes in both 2042 and the next game could involve specialists and the class system. One confirmed detail is that the next iteration will have a modern or near-future setting similar to Battlefield 2042. However, Dice still plans to release new content for 2042.

Last December, Tom Henderson's recap of Battlefield 2042's development alleged that it actually started as a battle royale title. A year and a half before launch, it changed drastically due to the success of another battle royale from EA, Apex Legends. Henderson also pointed out problems with EA's Frostbite engine, while EA's official post-mortem blamed the failure on the difficulties of remote working and positive fan reception to Halo Infinite.

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The only true problems I've had with Battlefield 2042 are issues with item progression where I'd unlock items and they'd disappear from my inventory. I've never encountered that ever before.

The game itself, in my opinion is fun in small doses, but I notice, most of the players are on PS or Xbox and the game doesn't punish you by kicking you for inactivity. It's like they want you to stay. They even enter you into sessions without you asking to be entered into the sessions.

They don't need a new Battlefield game...just fix this one.

-New music (the current music is trash).
-New maps (or even old maps from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4)
-More destructible buildings like in Battlefield 4.
-Increase the damage given by aircraft weapons.


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I don't know if they haven't already buried the franchise, but the lessons they have to learn imho are: don't be smug, don't be woke, don't be a CoD/PUGB/Fortnite clone and fckin pay for game testers.


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There are so, so many more problems with Battlefield other than the specialists. The whole game being a battle royale that changed the direction at the last moment is one big problem.


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WOW! Look at this new amazing game we're making! Don't think about the old one you just spent $60 dollars on, you'll get to spend them again on this new game that will totally be what the old one should've been!


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They don't need a new Battlefield game...just fix this one.

The problem is that there are too many issues to fix. It would take over a year to get to the point where its in a condition that people might want to actually play it. They already lost most of their player base so I don't even see the point.

They made a huge mistake by making the maps as big as they did. You end up with these huge open spaces with nothing and nobody, which just makes the game boring.

They need to go back to the Bad Company 2 / Battlefiled 1 recipe and improve on that. Don't try to copy COD or Fortnite. People want the Battlefiled experience. We aren't interested in having a game that just tries to absorb other game's mechanics when it doesn't add any fun/value to the game.

And please bring back the destructibility. That was one of the most amazing things they had in the Battlefield games, with buildings and walls falling apart and collapsing. With it being the way it is now, its just feels like a call of duty game from 15 years ago where nothing breaks.

I was really excited about 2042, but it was by far the most boring Battlefield experience I have ever had.

Uncle Al

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I seriously doubt that EA is ever capable of learning "valuable lessons" and certainly not putting them into action. The constantly cloning of their methods clearly seen by their games. Sounds like the design teams & "creative talent" needs a clearing out and start over WITHOUT management interference ......


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As long as the morons turn up to buy they will keep churning out garbage, same with the Fifa game franchise.


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Na the franchise is dead now. It was limping on a single leg with BF5 but it at least was limping along.
Battlefield 2042 just killed anything left of the franchise.

- Specialists need to be killed off and classes re-introduced
- A functioning scoreboard for crying out loud
- Way better designed maps, they are all terrible
- Get rid of the filler bots, they are terrible

You know what, the list is just too big, I really don't think they can redeem themselves at this point.

If only the guy running the show actually played video games, he'd have done one play test and realised it needed to be cancelled.


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Anti tank/air weapons need to be more effective.

Vehicles heals way too fast.

Who the f thought it'd be a good idea to get rid of a scoreboard in a competitive game?


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"EA learned valuable lessons" from Battlefield 2042"
Abandon Battlefield 2042 and release even more broken crap a year later.


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There is a lot of lessons that EA should have learned, but chose to ignore. BF series to me is as good as gone because EA is just milking the name/ franchise. Whatever they are going to release next time, they better not double down on loot boxes, EA’s favourite method of making money on top of the cash you paid for the game.

king cleanass

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Just ****ing remake bf4 with bfv’s movement like everyone asked for, but with new guns and maps. Fire anyone that even mumbled the words “battle royale”.


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Im hoping the next one is good otherwise it will be the end of the battlefield franchise. People have been saying it has been dead for a while, even though not as good as the original BF's, I did enjoy both BF1 & 5, and 2042 is the first BF I actually stopped playing after a month.

I really dont know how they messed up 2042 so badly. They had the correct recipe with the older BF's, 'why fix what aint broke'.

The one lesson I have learnt now is not to pre-order. I hope the franchise does'nt die as ive always been a lover of BF and hater of COD, and would hate to see COD win the war.