Nexus-5000 enough, or should I go for another?

By Aggressio
Mar 2, 2006
  1. Previously I had problems with my system and the nice people here suspected that my brand new Nexus NX-5000 PSU wasn't up for the job. Yet I installed a new mobo and windows booted up normally and has now been running stable for half an hour! :) So, now my question is, will this PSU do it's job on my system or should I get a new one, before this one breaks too? Is this system on too much strain for 500W PSU? And if I should get a new one, could you help me to spot one good enough, since not many PSU of antecs and other good labels seem to have over 20Amps on 12v rails...

    CPU:AMD Athlon 64 3400+
    Mobo: Asustek K8V-X SE
    Graphics: Sapphire radeon X800 AGP x8
    2 x Ide harddisks
    2 x sata hardisks
    floppy + dvd rw

    PSU: Nexus NX-5000

    system seems stable on normal use, haven't tried to put it on heavy work yet. Any idea how to test if the PSU is enough?

    Nexus box says the following
    Max Load
    +3.3V 30A
    +5V 28A
    +12V1DC 15A
    +12V2DC 16A
    -12V 0.5A
    +5Vsb 2.0A
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