nforce4 ultra chipset question

By N8theGr8
May 15, 2005
  1. just a quick question, i've been looking into an ASUS mobo with the nvidia nforce4 ultra chipset, does this mean the motherboard is enhanced for nvidia cards? if i got an ATI card would i be worse off or anything?
  2. Didou

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    It will work perfectly with a card from ATI, nVidia, SiS, S3 & even Matrox as long as they're PCI-e cards.
  3. Evil_N00B

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    no, the nvidia geforce 4 ultra (i have a mobo with it as well :) ) just is the part of the mobo that handels data between graphics, hdd, pci, and also has a gigibyte lan connection. this is known as the north bridge (or south forget which) as the amd processores have the south (or north) bridge built into it, increse on performance, slow down on upgradability. now back to the chipset, ya it dosn't effect the graphics card that can work on it. oh ya it has a bult in fire wall, but it slows down eternet speeds and with my system (no clue why) gives me the blue screen every time I try to install the software management of it. don't let that discurage you though nvidia makes good stuff. also consider the msi k8n neo for plat/dimond (I have a msi k8n neo 4 platinum), or maybe dfi lan party mobos, abit faital1ty or gigabyte mobos are great to.
  4. DonNagual

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    Just to add another point, if you are getting the nforce4 SLI chipset, then nvidia may be a better choice of video cards. This way, you have the option of buying a second nvidia card in the future to utilize the SLI.

    If you buy an ATI, you are tying your own hands for upgrade options.

    Just something to keep in mind.
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