NFSMW LAN problem

By SonxTech_SS
Apr 4, 2007
  1. Hi all, great forum... question on Need For Speed...

    Seems to be struggling to configure two PCs for NFSMW. I can create a server on 1 PC & let the other see it. I'm convinced my network connection is not a problem because after creating a server on 1 PC, the second PC can search for available server and sees the created server name. Actually the problem begins when i click the button join on the second PC. Instead of just joining it asks for name. When i type the existing server it complains that it's already existing. After creating a different name it goes through. But now i have two different servers isn't it? When it searches for GAME then it gives a 'no suitable matches or players could be found' message. I would understand this cause there are two servers anyway. Hope this is clear and has easier solutions....
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