By ranger_cole
Oct 15, 2002
  1. Under win98se win xp pro drive formatted ntfs does not show up. Under xp pro win 98 se fat 32 drive shows up and cannot be removed even under device manager. On top of that every time win xp pro boots up it says new hardware found and needs to restart. When you remove win 98 se harddrive this message goes away. No answer from nicklock tech support!

    The win 98se drive has always shown up under windows xp pro. Every time xp pro boots up it says new hardware found and needs to restart. It has always done this even before I knew about device manager. I have tried this 1. Enter Control panel/administration tools/Computer manager/Disk manager and right click on the drive's you like to be unseen. Click on the row with "change drive letter and path". Click on the drive letter you like to disappear and delete the drive letter. Do the above when logged in as administrator. It does not remove it even after restarting. Two questions I am the only user on this XP pro. How can I tell If I am logged in as admin? I don't every get a log in prompt. 2nd question is XP pro drive is drive f and win 98se drive is drive c when booting to xp pro. Win xp pro will not let me change drive f to c.
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    If there's a "Log out" button, click it, you should see who you are. I'm quite sure there are simpler ways but I don't remember any other now.
    You can't change the XP system/boot drive letter. You need to reinstall XP if you really want to change the letter.
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