Nikola Tesla and his world.

By Spike
Aug 27, 2005
  1. Quite possibly THE greatest electrical mind ever, he was responsible for inventing the means to not only supply the power that your computer is using right now from the generator, but also is resposible for the tesla coil that makes a CRT monitor possible. There'd never have been computers without him! It's also responsible for the fact that you can just turn a key and start your car.

    He also created the greatest artificial lightning ever - in 1899! He invented the technology for transmitting voice and perhaps more complex data over the air (radio), AC power, the induction motor, and many other great things.

    The above are facts, but there is something of a cult status surrounding Tesla these days, with suggestions that he may have perfected the death ray and the 'wall of light', amongst other things.

    He truly is one of the worlds great 'lost geniuses', but for all his scientific ability, he was certainly no businessman. The following link explains about him in more detail, explaining why (before the invention of computers) he could in fact be considered the greatest hacker ever...
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