Nixxy aka Dj Nixxy

By nixxy
Feb 8, 2007
  1. Hey ppl, like the site

    already had more info than i need to get going with my pc issues. Anyways just popped in to intro myself.

    Im into various things around the web, music and computer scene.

    I dj online (radio server coming soon so post yall a link) i produce my own tracks including my fav. Happy hardcore.

    im 100% Uk hardcore raver and proud of it.

    I run a couple of sites (temporarily unable to do much due to pc loss HD) but ill be back full speed once i fix it.

    i have links ofr a record label currently looking for ppl into producing tracks, i build my own sites (free servers) and plenty mo so anyone needs help with stuff gimme a shout ill c what i can do.

    Rig Spec not major but runs nicely what i want it for.

    Custom clear side panel case,
    Standard componants
    Nforce 2 NF7-S2 (revised) mobo
    Barton AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.2 g before clocking
    elixer 512 DDR400, pc3200u x3
    Xfx Gforce 6200 256mb graphics
    Nvidia Soundstorm audio 7.1 surround
    Connexant Tv/Radio card
    Hds, 80gb Maxtor 5400rpm, 40 gb maxtor 7200rpm, Sata 80 gb fujitsu x2

    Gigabyte G-Force Pro (gh-pdu21-mf) 3200rpm cooling for cpu
    Mini Northbridge cooler metalic blue h/sink and blue led fan
    x2 silent neon / led fan clear blue/green
    Blue neon interior lighting tune
    PC Doctor II bay drive
    Masterwrite litescribe dvd-rw-multi

    All running from the Windows Pro OEM platform 100% Genuine.
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