No 3d with Geforce 4 Ti4400 :-(

By thedonk3
May 21, 2002
  1. Hi guys, anyone help with this? Got my shiny,new Gainward GF4 Ti4400 yesterday but it won't work with any games! (Ok in 2d applications) Installed the latest drivers and Windows 2k recognises it ok but on trying to launch a game the level loads for a bit then the system either locks solid or reboots on its own!!
    Tried re-installing some of the games (ie Jedi Knight 2, Unreal Tournament, F1 2001) but to no avail.
    Heres my specs:-

    1 gig Athlon Axia @1333 (been stable with a Radeon for 9 months)
    512 pc133 Cas 2 Crucial ram
    Abit KA7a m/b
    Maxtor D760x Hard drive (60gb)
    Hercules Fortissimo II Sound card
    Win 2k Pro with Service pack 2 and Directx 8.1

    Any thoughts? Want my new toy to work :(

  2. Arris

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    Try the detonator destroyer after running a Detonator uninstall (available from ) as the standard Nvidia uninstall doesn't remove everything and this has been the cause of problems for many people in the past. Then reinstall your cards drivers... If you haven't already I would download Nvidia drivers from rather than mess about with the video card manufacturer's own drivers as I found the ones for my Geforce3 from Asus absolute rubbish. Also check out your BIOS AGP settings such as Aperture size ( check out the GeforceFAQ link in my signature ). Also these Geforce cards are power hungry, what PSU are you currently using? Just a thought... ;)
  3. thedonk3

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    Never thought of that!!!

    Thats a good point Arris! I have a 300watt PSU but the overclocked Athlon probably eats a lot of power (have 1 80 case fan aswell as CD burner, dvd drive, modem, network card etc) Reckon I may need some more juice?

    Cheers for the help.... much appreciated. :)
  4. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

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