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Apr 5, 2007
  1. I have been using the onboard avance analog device drivers on my Albatron motherboard. I managed to break the analog input jack on the back of my Boston Acoustic Speakers. I installed a Phillips PS605/17 sound card to use my speakers in digital mode. There are no errors in Device Manager but when I check in Control Panel under Sounds & Audio Devices, there is no audio device listed and I therefore have no sound. I disabled the Avance 97 in the BIOS Setup before installing the PCI Sound Card and also had to disable the gameport that is built into the motherboard before I could load the drivers for the Phillips sound card. Otherwise, I would get the BSOD. I took the computer in to a Computer Repair Facility and at least two technicions tried to solve this problem with no success. This included installing a new sound card in a different PCI slot and loading the respective drivers with the same result. If I remove the sound card and try to reactivate the onboard Avance 97 sound. I am able to restore it with no error messages showing in Device Manager but I still have No Audio Device in Control Panel. The PCI slot is good as I can install a different card and load its drivers and it functions just fine. I am at a loss as to what to try next short of formatting the hard drive and starting from square one. I really don't want to even try that as it is a lot of work. My operating system is Windows XP SP2. All help is much appreciated in getting my problem resolved. I presently have the PCI Sound Card installed so that I can use the digital output of the card to drive my speakers.

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    try to remove all audio drivers, then install he new audio driver first, then Plug audio card in one of PCI slots. Open control panel and add new hardware (audio card) manually if windows can't find them automaticly.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and it did not correct my problem.
    I am able to install either the onboard ac97 sound with its drivers or the Phillips sound card in a PCI slot along with its software. Both show no problems in Device Manager but I have no audio device in control panel. I also tried re-installing Windows XP in the upgrade format with no relief to my problem.
    The plug and play in services is also active in the auto mode. All I know is that it is a software problem that is keeping my sound from being recognized. I also took the computer to a computer repair facility and had a couple of their technicians try to correct the problem. They even installed a new sound card in a different pci slot with the same results.

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    sooo... I think its time to change your MOBO. :))
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    Hi, I'm new to this board so please be diligent with me.

    1. Have you checked the Control Panel for "Sounds and Audio Devices" after loading the drivers? There should be a speaker with this listing, if it's there open the window using the icon and check your settings.

    2. Are you sure all the audio cables are connected, i.e. the audio cable from the dvd/cd unit to the new sound card?

    3. You have checked the Device Manager and it shows the all devices installed and functioning correctly?
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    Problem resolved!

    Thanks for the help offered. I tried everything with no solution. I finally had to format my hard drive and reload windows xp and now my sound card works. Unfortunately, I have managed to lose some of my software disks so I now have a different problem of getting some of my programs to work. Does it never end?
    Thanks again for all help
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