No audio device installed?

alright heres my problem.... my friend comes to me and says his computer wont play sounds anymore.. and asks me to fix it for him. he has a DFI NB73-EA motherboard that has intergrated sound when i go to control panel it says that there is no audio device and under the audio tab it says the defualt device is modem#0 line playback... i go to device manager and it doesnt show an audio device nore does it show any conflicts it just has this under it Audio Codecs, Legacy audio drivers, Legacy video captre devices, Media control devices MPU-401 Compatale MIDI device Standard game port, Unimodem half-duplex Audio Device, and Video codecs so lets start out with all the things that ive done. first i tried system restore to a time when the audio workerd...nothing then we tried reinstalling the drivers from the motherboards website still nothing... then i used the drivers cd that came with the computer and still got nothing.... so then we decided to completly wipe his hard drive, reformat and install a fresh copy of windows XP...still nothing ive done all the windows updates gone to the motherboards manufactures website and dled all of those updates apparently its a realtek ac97 audio driver that i need since thats whats on the disk that came with the computer but im not completly sure since this isnt my computer..... any help would be greatly appreciated ive been working on this for the past couple of days and havent gotten anywhere and are getting very frustrated at this point.....
yeah i checked the bios like 3 times already and it said that the audio device was set to auto..... but then for kicks i just decided to reset the bios to the optimized defualts and it worked!!! as soon as i started the comp it detected the audio hardware and installed the drivers for it.....everything seems to be working fine now
reset bios?

RAVEN, I have the exact problem you did. I have the Legacy Audio driver too. I had some virus issues and think this may have been a repercussion of that. Anyway, you mentioned that you changed the BIOS. I'm a newbie and don't know how to do that. Can you tell me what you did?

Much thanks.
yeah when u first start up your computer before windows even loads it will give u an option to enter setup i think its alt+f2 but im not will display the exact option only for a bit before windows even loads when its checking the system harddrive and all that... just go in there and at the bottom there will be an option to load fail-safe and another that says load optimized defualts... the one that i chose was optimized defualts and it worked fine after that...good luck hope it helps
No audio device?

I could really, really use some help. I just recently reformatted my computer and now I apparently have no audio device so I don't have sound on my computer. I've checked the device manager, and according to it, it says that I do have drivers installed. They are the following:
- Audio Codecs
- Legacy Audio Drivers
- Legacy Video Capture Devices
- Media Control Devices
- Video Codecs

Anyone have any thoughts as to why the sound isn't working??



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If u have onboard audio? u have to install the MB drivers to have sound after a format.
Your Device Manager list did not show what audio device you have installed. My listing shows everything your does and one more...

Intel(r) 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Contoller

It is necessary that your shows something like this too. Every manufacturer will be listed differently. Creative will list Creative. etc.

The previous response to your question is quite important. Is this an on board or add on board for your audio.

If on board - is is turned on in BIOS.

If off board - is the on board turned off in BIOS.

While device manager is opened. Click the Action tab. Scan for hardware changes. see if it finds anything.

Suggestion: remove all audio and game drivers listed in device manger. if on board audio - turn it off in BIOS. If off board - remove the audio board.

Let the computer restart without any audio devices at all.

Turn off the computer. Install as new an per manufacturer recommendations.

Good Luck

No sound

I just wanted to thank you Raven96. I did what you said and loaded optimized defaults, and what do ya know...........I GOT SOUND! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


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Is any of this related to a possible virus? I have this same problem on two machines I manage at work, and one just happened on a remote user's laptop, two completely diff machines giving same error. How is this related other than possible software issue?

My BIOS is different to yours!

Help guys, my BIOS layout is different, i assumed i would be able to get sound again after reading this, i was going to restore the 'optimized defaults', but on my BIOS there appears to be no place to do this. I have tried downloading BIOS updates, but I am clueless because none of them work. Need urgent help!!! Thanks!
I need Help.

I have some what of the same problem. Only i have reinstalled every driver and download all all recent drivers restarts, checking, everything i can think of. But what caused me to do all this was the blue screen i got from the original installation of the Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Audio.
The mb sound drive sounds like a scratched cd, so i got the card but i can not get it to work but for a second before i get the blue screen.
I have the same problem with the sound but....

Alright. So I built my computer about a few weeks ago. Here's what it's packing:
- Intel Q6600
- Intel DG33TL ATX Motherboard
- 1 TB HDD, 4GB Ram
- Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX
- Vista Business OS
Here's what happened: I attempted to plug in a microphone on the front of the computer and all of a sudden it shuts off on its own. Thinking nothing of it, I power it back on only to find out that there's no longer any sound. I've driven myself crazy trying to find a solution to my problem. I've read numerous forums about people with the same issue as me, but they seemed to have had an easier time solving their issue than I am right now. I've tried accessing BIOS and restoring default options already. I've gone into the Device Manager and tried reinstalling the Audio Drivers, but to no avail. I've even gone as far as doing a System Restore on more than a few occasions already, but with no luck. On another forum, an expert suggested downloading the Audio Drivers specifically for the DG33TL Motherboard that I have. I searched online for that driver, found it, and downloaded it. Half way through the setup wizard, it gives me this error message " _ExitError: Error=Device Object not present, restart the system and run setup again" Which I did, but nothing changed. PLEASE HELP ME.
I have a similar problem and i need help..
There is no audio device in Windows (XP) right now. When i check Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices and go to Audio tab, there's no devices to use.
I have installed soundcard drivers but it seems Windows needs an audio controller too. You know that grey speaker icon in bottom right corner? Well i don't have it..
Here's what i have in Device Manager > Sound, video and game controllers:
- Audio Codecs
- Creative SB X-Fi
- Legacy Audio Drivers
- Legacy Video Capture Devices
- Media Control Devices
- Video Codecs
and Other devices has
- Unknown device (with a yellow ! sign)

I think there has to be "Multimedia Controller" under Sound, video and game controllers.
My problem is that i don't have Windows cd to fix it. I have tried searching the internet for several hours to get it but can't find it.

Does anyone know where i might get it?


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ok - my solution.
i had problem that after reinstalling vista my sound was gone - not only sound but even any sign of it! there was nothing at device manager and no drivers could be installed in any way.
Belive me i`ve tried all solutions i found here and at other forums - but my own is - press f8 while starting your system. it should bring up advanced options. there select option that lets you to use drivers which are not digitally signed or something - and everything will be ok! :) i don`t know how safe/unsafe this is but it helps!
Hi, i need some hep with the sound on my computer, it hasn't been working for quite awhikle now and only now have i gotten the time to try and do something about it.
The thing is that my speakers stopped working so there was no sound, but the problem is not the speakers because i have plugged them into my ipod and they work perfectly and in Device Manager there's a yellow exclamation mark, so i uninstalled that and restarted my computer and a new found hardware wizard came up but i don't have the cd because it didn't come with a cd. So someone can you please help me!
What i do know though is that:
Manufacturer- ECS
Model- p4m800pro-m478
need serious help

heyy...can someone help me..i've been readin wat everyone has been saying abwt bios n how it can help wen yuh hav no audio device......BUT I DON'T KNO HOW 2 GET [U]BIOS[/U] IN THE FIRST PLACE....HOW CAN IGET BIOS ON MY PC???
I have a toshiba satelllite laptop with a windows vista OS which I have restored so many times, but today i run into a little problem with the sound device. I got the " no sound device is installed" message. I read all the previous comments from this forum but none of them helped since in my case the sound driver was not even listed in the device manager as an option, and also the bios configuration was fine since it had the onboard sound enable. My approach to remedy this situation with the sound was to use the recovery and application drivers cd that came with the computer and re-install the audio driver. Once I did that the OS restarted to to configure the changes and finally I had the audio driver appeared in the device manager list which also automatically enabled my audio device.
I need help with the same problem. I have had an Asus laptop for years, with sound working. Recently, I got a error, that I could not read the user profile. Before that, I was in iTunes, watching video podcasts. The computer froze, had to force it to shut down. After all of that, I noticed that the only sound I got was from DVD/Music Files/Video Files. All other sound now does not work. The computer says there is no sound device. Even streaming video does not work! Is there some way to fix this WITHOUT going into the BIOS?
I lost my sound after reinstalling windows xp home. It took me two days, but, after a whole lot of research and REALLY reading everything and anything that had to do with my computer, I finaly figured it out.Power on the system and press <DEL> during the post (power on self test) to enter BIOS set up utility.Choose"Load Optimized Defaults, Press Y and save. For recommended optimal performance.This sould give you back your sound. Got it from my mother board easy installation guide. However if you don't have one you can down load one through your mother board manufacture.