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By Vex
Oct 25, 2006
  1. Ok so here's my issue. My sound sometimes doesn't work and here's what I mean. If I'm using itunes, or windows media player my audio works just fine all the time, however if I'm online and an audio/video clips loads that isn't windows media or quicktime format, I cannot hear the sound. I have also noticed that my sound/volume controll icon doesn't appear on my taskbar even though I have checked the box in options so that it should. Any suggestions?
  2. wolfram

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    Do you have the latest audio drivers from the sound card's manufacturer? Is it an integrated sound card, or another PCI audio card?
  3. Vex

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    I have an integrated sound card, I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 so the sound card is the standard with those a sigma tel audio card, the companies website doesn't offer any software updates and I've never had a problem before, it just stopped recently
  4. wolfram

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