no beeps, no post, just fans and lights

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Nov 1, 2006
  1. I have been having some issues for a few days now, here's what's happening.

    I have a usb hub hooked up and 3 days ago, my system had trouble finding it (1st time in almost 2 yrs, since i hooked it up).After getting the system to recognize the hub it worked for a short period and i shut down the system, when i restarted later, I got a screen saying windows did not start normally, and it gave me 5 options and 30 seconds to choose my option, I tried normal start 1st with the same result, i tried safe mode with the same result, i then tried each of the other options with the same result, then i started getting blue screens with irq errors, when i checked online, the only references i could find to the specific error #'s i was seeking said that it was 2 devices trying to use the same channel and to use device manager to resolve the conflict, great idea, but i could never get to the device manager. I tried to look at the bios, but could never get to it either. after a time, i just decided to re-install windows.

    The re-install from my system restore disc did not work because the computer insisted thet it couldn't read the disc, so i took a full copy of xp home that i bought a few years back for another system and tried to install that, it too failed, never getting past the "installing windows executive" notification, then going into blue screen. After 2 trries with this everything quit.

    My current situation is as follows:

    1) Power on gives me fans and drive lights except the floppy, but nothing else.
    2) I purchased a new power supply, same result
    3) I purchased a new hard drive same result
    4) I get no post screen so cannot access the bios, the system will not read from any drive and i'm getting no signal to my monitor
    5) i get no beep codes or any other indicaors of what' wrong
    6) i returned the power supply and hard drive since they obviously weren't the issue
    7) tried restarting again with all drives disconnected and no change
    8) I have a useless hunk of metal and plastic where i should have a computer

    This is what the system is:

    Compaq Presario Sa4000T

    Asus PTGD2-LA motherboard ( I can get a new one from H/P for $16 )

    Intel P4 560J 3.6 ghz 800 mhz FSB Hyperthreaded ( I can buy new from H/P for $933 or on the web for $337, but not willing to buy unless i know thwt's the problem )


    2gb DDR2-533/PC2 4300

    Hard Drive-
    Western Digital WD2500 250gb, SATA, 7200 rpm

    Video Card-
    ATI Radeon x600se pci express

    Sound Card-
    Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS

    Power Supply-
    400w ATX form factor, OEM ( the power supply i tried was 500w )

    I'm at my wits end and my moneys run out, any help is appreciated, any help with how i test the motherboard and processor will also be appreciated, i do not have a known good processer or mobo to test against

    Thank You

  2. Gars

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    Totally screwed up.
    Compaq you say? What about Customer Service? Or after those huge changes and replacements its not a option?
    First - update the BIOS if its possible.
    Sec. - if the battery of Mobo fails, then BIOS just cant remember anything and every time when start, it sets to defaults and don't serve correct to win(really very low possibility). Replace the battery
    Third - probably you have some incompatibility between mobo and usb hub, or USB controller is damaged.
    After you manage POS its not bad idea to put some hardware tests(memtest, hdd, svga, etc) to see that everything is fine and ran correctly.

    Just get rid on all Compaq parts and replace with new one.

  3. cathouse1320

    cathouse1320 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I D/Led the latest BIOS from Compaq, but my computer won't even acknowledge any of my drives, so I can't update it.

    I've already tried to start with all drives disconnected and that didn't work

    I've had the hub disconnected since the blue screen issue raised it's ugly head

    I think the only thing left is ot bring it to a repair shop to see if they can test the mobo & the processer, can I do this without the hard drive in the computer? I have all my passwords, emails and other quite confidential items on the drive and do not wish others to view it.
  4. N3051M

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  5. niceboy

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    i had this problem once. and strangely, the problem was with RAM. try checking it is seated properly or not.
  6. cathouse1320

    cathouse1320 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    already read the tutorial, interesting, but nothing there really seems to apply to my situation. POPPED CAPACITORS?????? There are 2 that have rounded tops, but none leaking, all of the others have what seems to be perfectly flat surfaces, but these 2 are slightly rounded ( maybe 1/32-1/16" ), i read another post in this forum or the video card forum that refernced that, but thought the small bulges weren't really enough to confirm that as the issue, could I be mistaken? If this is indeed the problem, is it worth trying to repair or is this only a symptom of a deeper malfunction? For what it's worth, the 2 that are malformed are next to each other and immediately adjascent to the memory cards.

    Thank You for your thoughts
  7. cathouse1320

    cathouse1320 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Niceboy, my thoughts too, already reseated them, and have no way to test with the current situation. Oh well....if I quit smoking now I may be able to buy a new system or fix this one in a few months, in the meantime, using my girlfriends laptop and my pda
  8. Gars

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    take it to the shop for testing without drives, they don't need any
    im quite sure that the mobo is down
  9. N3051M

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    hmm.. if you can't confirm if they're dud'd then take it to someone that knows a bit about electronics to confirm it. Have you heard of the stories of just a couple of weird looking capacitors causing strange unexplainable system instabilities?

    check it out, i don't think it would hurt you..
  10. Tedster

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