No Boot Sectar On Internal HD

By Huff
Jul 19, 2006
  1. No Boot Sector On Internal HD

    Ok here is the story,

    Im deployed overseas and I got my computer sent to me from the states. When I got it, it ran fine. Then all of a sudden my HD got fried some how but the computer was not reconising that there was a HD so I bought another one at Well I recieved it 2 days ago and when I put it in. It said that there was no boot sector on Internal HD. So I was thinking that it had no partion on the HD.So I changed my BIOS to start the CD/DVD drive. When the system rebooted it went to the dell screen which from my understanding is the BIOS and then that is where I get the message. So then I put in my FDisK that is a ISO file. When I rebooted it said that there was no bootable sectar found. So now im really confused and in the desert with nothing to do. I dont have anything on the HD, No OS to do anything. Please help. Thank you and god bless.
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    You'll recieve that error until you successfully install an operating system on the drive. An OS is what will write a boot sector onto the drive... Without an OS, its useless... And at the moment, you're drive is totally blank.

    Partitioning is the first step. The next step is to install something like Windows; however, you are going to need a Windows installation CD.

    XP and 2000 boot from the CD. You can also partition (I recommend you repartation using this disc if you install XP/2000) and install the OS from there.

    Windows 98 and Me also come on bootable CDs (if you find the right ones), but otherwise you'll need to use a Windows 98 startup diskette which can be found here and get your hands on a Win98 or WinMe install CD. You'll boot from the diskette, insert the Windows 98/Me CD and type setup.

    XP, 2000, Me or 98? Well, I don't know anything about your computer, but its usually best to install whatever was on it previously.
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