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No booting when cold?

By supercell
Jul 14, 2007
  1. In the past week my pc has started some odd behavior...
    1st off my pc is a self built amd 4400, nvidia 7800gtx, on a asus board, 2 hd's ( one sata, one ide ), 1 dvd writer, 1 dvd/cd reader, antec 480 tru psu, lan and sound is onboard.

    So a week ago i start up the pc and no video.. the lights come on inside my case, fans start up..
    Power off, then on, i get the boot up screen, but when it goes to load windows, my lcd power light flashes green ( not yellow like in sleep mode but green), i can hear windows boot up, but see nothing.
    Power off.. back on this repeats maybe 5 times then finally it works normally.

    This has been repeating everyday. sometimes i can hear windows load and sometimes i dont think it is (but then again i cant be sure cause i cant see).

    Today, when it finally got to where it was working properly, scandisk started and found some bad files.
    Once the pc is on it works fine, no problems at all.
    Any suggestions would be great, i dont want to start replacing parts when i dont know exacatly what it is.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Dying video graphics card, or other component... Almost any device in failure mode can cause this... assuming your monitor works. If this is a flat panel monitor, that is a likely cause... as they commonly have intermittent failures before they go completely.
    The other suspects are one of the hard drives or one memory module.
    This is a good time to go back to fundamentals... one drive, one power supply, one on-board video connection if available, one memory module, hard drives disconnected, then boot to a floppy such as MS-DOS or Windows 98 Startup/Boot.
    As each install works, add or change a component. Takes a while, but it helps you understand the problem.
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