no connection without reboot

By Abraxas
Jul 30, 2005
  1. I have this weird problem ever since I'm a DSL user, I believe. After I cancel the connection it CAN happen that I can't connect again. Which means, I log in just fine, icons in the tray and everything, but nothing works. A reboot immediately fixes this problem.

    My new ISP forces a disconnect after 12 hours and of course, this has made the situation worse, because I usually don't disconnect as long as the PC is on (I turn it off when I go to bed). It's a very minor problem, but it's a nuisance whatsoever. I figure it must be related to networking drivers...something that doesn't change in all my installs, something I do - or fail to do - all the time, independent of the two different ISPs I had since I'm using DSL.

    So far I can NEVER get back in after an ISP disconnect. I never tried to disconnect myself before it happens, because, as you know now, I assume it's still the old problem and not the ISP's fault.
    I guess I have to check this to make sure. Perhaps it IS the ISP this time. But in the meantime feel free to make suggestions. :)
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