No display on laptop screen. Help

By covenant070
Dec 19, 2007
  1. Hello,
    First off, here are the specs.

    Toshiba A215-S4817
    2Gig memory
    ATI Radeon X1200 graphics card
    160GB HDD
    15.4" LCD monitor
    Windows Vista Ultimate

    Heres the problem. I recently received "a very nice blue screen" after trying to play Spider-Man 1. After restarting, no display at all. I hooked up the laptop to an external device (widescreen tv). The dislay shows up perfectly on the tv, on the laptop screen nothing(by the way I tried the flashlight trick) its definitely not the backlights fault. I looked in the display settings, it shows only the tv is connected. No signs of the laptop display on there. The computer works perfectly as though nothing happened. I tried reinstalling and uninstalling the video drivers too, to no avail. I checked also to see if the laptop screen was connected securely, it was.

    When restarting the computer,there was no "windows has recovered from an error" message. I also checked in the Problems&Solutions part, couldn't find anything related to this problem, as the latest problem on there was a week ago. All that happened was a blue screen (an unusual one at that) saying something about "check video BIOS settings" and Windows has stopped to prevent from an error (this time without any code.

    What should I do (before going to a local repair center) ? I am a pretty good expert on tech stuff anyway.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Using the external monitor, reinstall the laptops motherboard video drivers
  3. ruphert

    ruphert TS Rookie

    Solution from Toshiba Support:

    STEP1: shut down laptop.
    STEP2: unplug charger if plugged in.
    STEP3:remove battery. (use switches labeled 1 and 2)
    STEP4: Hook up acadapter (charger)
    STEP5:turn on computer with no battery, only using ac adapter.
    STEP6:Go to control panel
    STEP:7 On left click classic view
    STEP 11: Scroll down and double click PROCESSOR POWER MANAGEMENT
    STEP12: Under MINIMUM PROCESSOR STATE change both the on battery and plugged in percentages from 5% to 100%.
    STEP13: click APPLY the OK
    STEP14 shut down
    STEP15:unplug ac adapter and put in battery.
    STEP16: Plug in ac adapter
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