No Drive Detected after using DBAN

By HausCalls
May 25, 2007
  1. Has anyone ever used Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN)? If so, have you ever had a problem with your HD being recognized by Win XP during install? I used DBAN on two different HDs and now that I want to install one in a client's computer (HP 8860 Pavillion) windows will format and load drivers but once done, and windows attempts to open, it doesn't recognize that a HD is installed and I get the standard 'no hd detected' message. I'm am truly puzzled. I am having the same issue with both HDs. Running FDisk doesn't resolve this problem.

    The HD's I used DBAN on are a WD400bb (Western Digital Caviar) 40gb and an old IBM 40 gb (in system now and I cant remember specs). Both survived DBAN's 3 passes successfully (a good test for the integrity/ stability of any hard disk, imo). (I'm replacing a dead Maxtor 96147H6)

    I used the most recent version of DBAN, though my first time using it, it comes highly recommended by peers.

    Any insight, direction, or previous experience would be much appreciated!
  2. Nodsu

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    Did you use DBAN on the entire drive or just the partition (hdX or hdXY)?
    If you wiped only a partition, then the (possibly weird-looking) partition table remained and Windows sucks at dealing with not-created-by-MS-tools MBRs.
  3. HausCalls

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    There were no partitions, I had removed them (using the windows OS disk to do it). Are you thinking I should use something like Kill Disk first? I hadnt thought of using non windows software for removing the partition. Perhaps I should try it anyway? Can't hurt, disks are paperweights at this point.

    Thanks for responding, I was thinkin' I was on my own with this one.
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