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No DVD output on WMP using TV out

By Ididmyc600
Sep 15, 2006
  1. Hi All

    A long time back, some bright spark answered a question regarding how to get TV out on WMP to show a picture, the answer was to turn off the overlay in the advance section.

    Ok so now I can watch Divx, AVI, MPG etc etc, BUT no matter what I do I cant get DVD's to show on my TV in any Software Player,(WMP, Power DVD, VLAN etc)

    So I have twiddled with all the settings in WMP, VLAN hasnt got much in the way of settings and PowerDVD has even less,

    Come on guys and girls, help me out, I just want to watch a Movie I downloaded, the only option is to convert the movie to AVI and I cant do that (thats another question i'll ask if I cant find a cure)

    PC is a Dell Laptop with Radeon Mobile video card , Svideo output, latest drivers (well Ok the only drivers Dell have), Direct X is up to date, oh and crappy Windows XP.

    Cheers all

    1 week later, I worked it out, I had to set the TV as a primary display in the monitor settings, strange but it worked OK. take care all.............
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