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No floppy, no cd rom, no sleep. How do I install windows?

By kleftiko ยท 6 replies
Sep 25, 2005
  1. hi ,

    bought a laptop with no floppy , no cd rom and no operating system on . ive have taken the hard drive out the laptop and connected it to my desktop pc through a caddie . using windows 98se start up disk i have partitioned the drive to d and e and formated but still cant get the laptop to start after installing the hard drive back to it. keep on getting
    insert system disk in drive
    press any key when ready
    the laptop is a toshiba portege 3440ct .
    has any please got any ideas on how i can get this laptop running. im literaly stuck
  2. Shadowrunner

    Shadowrunner TS Rookie Posts: 106

    shove the cd in the drive, boot it off the CD/DVD drive and its pretty simple from there
  3. Shadowrunner

    Shadowrunner TS Rookie Posts: 106

    ohh, you cant install windows without a CD drive. what windows are you installing?
  4. kleftiko

    kleftiko TS Rookie Topic Starter

    got windows xp , but cant install in cause there is no cd drive on laptop
  5. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Posts: 259

    easy, put the harddrive into your computer (like you did when you formated it) then install xp using the cd rom in your PC. in the install it willl just ask where to install xp. choose drive d: or e:.

    then stick the drive back in the laptop and presto.. it should work... :grinthumb
  6. kleftiko

    kleftiko TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it worked , thanks i realy appritiate ur reply.
  7. fixin_tek

    fixin_tek TS Rookie

    Mine is similar except

    i HAVE BOTH A CD DRIVE and A FLOPPY DRIVE but can only have one installed at the same time.

    I fourtunatily got the bios unlocked in my 900b, but with no optical drives for it, I decided to remove the HDD and install it in my old armada 7400 to format w2k pro off the HDD and install win 98se on it, the problem, I cant have floppy AND cd at same time, so this is what I have done so far. so how do I go about floppy boot, then swap to cd drive install ???

    Fdisk, removed all partitions, and then set a new primary partition of max size
    format using a:> format c:/s to install sys files
    a:> setup , and says of course that it is invalid cause it does not locate the cd

    I read a page on how to do this and tried it, it said to copy a list of files to the HDD using MS-DOS after the format c:/s and I tried this, but my OEM floppy disk that came with my win98se did not have some of these files on it, said cannot locate. this is the page that told me what to do. the files I have bolded are the ones I cannot locate o my oem floppy to copy, and the link he stated to get the win98se.exe is invalid now.....any help with this issue ?

    1)please visit ht tp: //dos.li5. org/[/url] and download win98.exe.
    2)Run win98.exe and follow the instructions to make a bootable floppy
    3)boot the laptop from the floppy disk. You should end up at a DOS
    prompt that looks like:
    4)type in c: and press enter.
    5)if you get "invalid drive specification" then se the section at the
    end of this answer.
    6) if you get a C: prompt, type in DIR and press enter. If you get
    "file not found" then see the end of the message. If you get any sort
    of listing, even if it is an empty directory with 2 sib directories (.
    and ..) then proceed to step 7.
    7)type in A: and press enter.
    8)type in sys C: and press enter
    9)when that is complete, type in the following commands and press
    enter after each one.
    copy autoexec.bat c:
    copy cd*.sys c:
    copy config.sys c:
    copy mscdex.exe c:
    copy mtmcdai.sys c:
    10)shut down the computer, and replace the floppy drive with the cdrom
    drive. reboot, and when you end up at a C:\> prompt, you should be
    able to access the cdrom drive. Usually the drivers we loaded will
    make it the R: drive, but you should get a message during boot up
    telling you what drive letter it is.
    11)type in R: and press enter (replace R: with the proper letter if
    you got a different letter for your cdrom drive)
    12)type in setup and press enter.
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