No HDMI sound with DVDs

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My laptop (HP Pavillion 9000) plays DVDs and MPEGs etc with sound and video.
I have connected my laptop to my LCD TV using an HDMI cable and get mixed results. I changed my sound settings to use the SPDIF driver instead of the built in speakers. Initially I got no sound from anything except .avi files and .wav sound files. However, downloading the Vista codec pack fixed playing MPEGs. So I can now play recorded video (and music) content using Media Player with sound and video.
However, when I put a DVD in the drive and play that, I get no sound at all.
What else do I need to do?

Fragrant Coit

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What software are U using to play DVD's?

I know in WinDVD & PowerDVD you need to select SPDIF in Audio options or it will output to analogue
I'm using Windows Media Player (and it is already set to output to SPDIF).
I notice that it isn't just DVDs that play without sound through SPDIF, I've come across some recorded MPEGs that also play with video but no sound.
I saw another post on this forum about no sound suggesting a more comprehensive codec package - which I installed: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 3.6.5. Alas it didn't make any difference.

I saw yet another post about installing VLC Media Player - I did and that plays the same DVDs and MPEGs with sound - great. But, why won't Windows Media Player do it?
What else can I try?
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