No Internet Explorer on my desktop

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Nov 8, 2003
  1. I just rebuilt my computer and did a clean install of XP Pro but now I cant get an IE icon on the desktop. Its not in Programs either. I tried installing it through add/remove Windows components but its still isnt showing up. The only way I can get an internet connection is to use Windows Update. But I do have MSN Explorer which I have never seen before and it just want to sign me up for MSN.
  2. acidosmosis

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    Right click on your Desktop, click New, Shortcut, Browse to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE, click Ok, Next, type Internet Explorer for the name of the Icon and hit Ok.

    That will add the Internet Explorer icon to your desktop.
  3. vassil3427

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    A better way(A way that will give you the icon without the little arrow showing it's a shortcut) Right click on your desktop, Click on the Desktop Tab, then click on Customize Desktop, Under the general tab put check mark next to the icons you want on your desktop(such as IE, My computer, my documents..etc...)
  4. vegasgmc

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    Thanks. I tried Acids way already but it didnt work but Vassils way did. I think there were problems with the OS installation becausing Im starting to have other problems.
  5. Rick

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    I have seen this before. I don't have a fix yet, so let me know if you find a specific solution. I'm curious. :)

    Perhaps.. Just perhaps.. It has something to do with the "access defaults" panel? I know after SP1 Microsoft added the access defaults to hide access to certain integrated software in Windows XP. Maybe your IE has been disabled in the access defaults, hiding the icon?
  6. Tarkus

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    Heh, I'd consider myself lucky to not to have to delete it everytime I install Windows. It's the first thing I do on a fresh install. :)

    /Mozilla Firebird user, and proud of it.
  7. 95CivicSi

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    This is a known issue with Microsoft and no one could give you a quick correct response about what you needed to know. I'm sorry I wasn't here quick enough to clear this without any hassle.

    A hotfix for Windows XP SP2, removes this option from the "Customize Desktop Icons" panel. This happened due to a change in with the shell32.dll file. To replace the special Internet Explorer icon on your desktop, you must make a change in the registry. This information can be found on the Microsoft support site here


    Here's the registry entries you need to change.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  8. wildman6801

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    Welcome to TechSpot,
    Thanks for resurrecting a 6 year old post. The person has probably found a solution to their problem. This information you provided will help others.

    Also don't underline text unless it is a link. Most users will click on it and think something is broken. Thanks
  9. surfersaiyan

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    dont worry 95CivicSi, its probably something we`ve all done as newcomers.

    any mods should maybe have a look at doing something with the similar topics box at the bottom which often carries threads that are years old.
  10. wildman6801

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    I didn't mean anything mean about it but it seems like this has been happening more of late. I do agree that the similar topics could be updated maybe it would be a good idea to lock older posts like anything that hasn't been replied to in the last 1 - 2 years.
  11. 95CivicSi

    95CivicSi TS Rookie

    While the post may have been years old, it showed up on the search engine as one of the first results when I was looking for the information about the registry change to add the internet explorer icon to the desktop. After reading the thread and finding that the information was missing and knowing that it should be fairly common or available knowledge by now, it appeared necessary to include it so that others finding this post from Net searches wouldn't be left with missing information.

    Sorry to have rez'd an ancient thread.
  12. kimsland

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    Well your reply seemed a tad harsh anyway
    Pretty sure the MS fix wasn't available at that stage, so the support couldn't very well post that.

    I'd say you could find thousands of 2003 threads that are incorrect, that's the point though. They are old and outdated. If a new member came on they would be best to create a New Thread ;)

    Pretty sure I saw an old thread that said XP is the latest OS. OMG that's just not correct! (see my point :) )
  13. jnkmail

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    GOOD CALL 95CivicSi

    After 25 years in this business I have developed some very good research techniques but things are always changing. Compuserve was a great forum back in the 90's ...

    Thanks for placing that great piece of information into this thread. I have a philisophy that some interface shortcommings are irritating but do not warrant too much skull sweat as the answer usually will find itself to me.

    Today while looking for something else, this tHread popped up and a little irritating problem with a couple of our Winxp machines was solved because someone took the time to post here.

    Before I purchase a reference material, I look at the index for some things I believe are important. If the index organizes information in a way that works for my search technique then I like the way the author thinks and buy the book.

    It is not always easy to get information without the right search terms and sometimes if someone adds info to an area that matches search terms where the info should reside, life is better for those who follow.

    KUDOS 95CivicSi
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