No keyboard or mouse when booting into win 2000

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Jul 25, 2005
  1. I recently moved my two hard drives into a new system and ran a system repair. When it boots, the mouse and the keyboard are not working. Both are ps2 type but I have also tried a USB mouse to no avail. Things work fine in the bios screens and when I boot the recovery console. They go away after the system boots into windows.

    I installed a new instance of Win 2000 on the other hard drive and it boots fine and the mouse and the keyboard work. I have checked for the presence of the mouse drivers and they are there. I have checked to see if there are additional filters in the registry for these devices, and there aren't. I have tried exporting the keys for the keyboard and mouse from the good system and imprting them into the registry for the system that won't work, and that did not help either.

    Any ideas?

  2. just_a_nobody

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    Not sure this will help, but remove both the keyboard and mouse, from within the device manager, and then restart your system, and see if Windows will find them again.
  3. ezshoes

    ezshoes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Can't get into device manager...

    Since I have no keyboard or mouse, I can't get into device manager since they don't work in safe mode either! Caesar...
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Make a backup of your important files, then reinstall the original W2K.
    You can't move an OS from one PC to another, unless the motherboards are identical!
  5. ezshoes

    ezshoes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Other upgrades.

    I have been able to do the same type upgrade on two other systems when the motherboards weren't the same. I did a repair on the OS and that took care of all issues. I hate to have to blow it away. Caesar...
  6. gdietz

    gdietz TS Rookie


    I find myself in the same situation. Any tricks for getting out of this no mouse/keyboard situation?

    I just repaired a W2KPro system. Mouse and keyboard were OK until I installed an update (SP1?)

  7. RealBlackStuff

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    Aside from the KB/mouse problems, applying SP1 to W2K is a joke!
    The latest is SP4 (which includes SP1-2-3), followed by a Rollup, both available at M$.

    Putting an OS in another PC requires the SPECIFIC motherboard-drivers of that other PC, and the 'old' drivers need to be removed!
  8. gdietz

    gdietz TS Rookie

    I guess that was my mistake. I forgot about the roll-up. I just started with SP1.

    Guess I'll try safe mode to either delete/reinstall mouse and keyboard or to rollback (possible?) SP1.

    Thanks for your quick reply,
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