no LAN support for WinXP Home?

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Apr 15, 2006
  1. A couple of days ago my dad bought himself a new PC that came w/ XP Home installed. He tried to make the LAN connection w/ me (I have XP Pro) and he failed. I also tried but my system wasn't seen; strange thing is that the Internet at him was working thru the LAN cable (my PC is the Gateway). He then installed his XP Pro and the LAN worked (so the hardware isn't the prob). Is the XP Home inable to see a XP Pro PC?

    I'm asking you guys this because he has an old XP Pro disc that doesn't have the "Genuine Verification"; so no updates.

    Thx in advance ;)
  2. N3051M

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    main difference that i think matters to that setup is that you must make sure that the machine running Pro doesnt have domain settings as Home won't support it.. but otherwise you should be able to do some stuff in there

    set it up manualy..
    rules to follow:
    - workgroup name must be the same
    - no domain activated
    - pc names and id differ from each other
    - IP address in the same subgroup eg:192.168.0.X
    - ICS/File/printer sharing services must be enabled if you want to use them
    - crossover cable = pc-pc, ethernet cable = pc - hub/switch/router -pc
    - folders you wish to share must be set to shared [right click folder/file>properties>share tab>enable sharing]
  3. Captain828

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    Already checked those things. btw i have a pc-router-pc connection thru cable. The thing is that when that system is running XP Home, the files I've shared aren't seen (I selected the option to share and let them be modified)
  4. Daveskater

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    i think what you might need to do is connect the 2 pc's DIRECTLY with a crossover cable
    we have a router with 2 pc's connected via lan and another one connected via wi-fi and we can't see each other's stuff
    try connecting with a crossover and that should work :)
  5. Liquidlen

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    Cap... XP home doesnot network as automatically and as completely as Pro by design. It all starts with it's inability to join a domain and Security Limitation,
    Home uses the Guest account to Share files in a Workgroup plus there must be one User on all machines with the Same User Name and Password.
    The easy way to set up is to use the networking Wizard on the Pro machine (make sure the Home machine is connected and turned on) and the use the Make disk function to run the Wizard on the Home machine.
    You must understand that Networking with Home opens up a alot of Security problems so do the reading to see what you must do to protect this type of Lan.
    If $ is no problem , Updgrade to a legit copy of XP Pro.
  6. Captain828

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    I tried the direct method too, but no luck
    I think I'll take Liquidlen's advice and get a new XP Pro copy
  7. bushwhacker

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    Captain828, you will need to modify the ethernet cable to be null.

    please read this.

    edited: oh i forgot, you should install protocol for lan as IPX/SPX/TCP and set up to accept all incoming connection
  8. Didou

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    You can always just turn on "simple file sharing" on the XP Pro machine.
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