No login screen after cloning boot partition

By Philrevell
Nov 1, 2003
  1. Ok have 2 phy disks 0 IDE and disk 1 SCSII. SCSII disk is boot partition H: and IDE is 30GB partitioned C: D: E: F: G: setup as master on primary channel.

    Running XP home edition on h: and installed ghost 2003 to H:. Cloned H: (8GB) boot partition to IDE drive. Clone was successful.

    Upon reboot with 2 drives still connected xp still booted to scsii drv. IDE drv was accessable and verified it to be clone. Disconnected scsii but upon reboot winxp would not start.

    Reconnected and after reading many peoples problems in doing similar things decided to do this:

    Boot to win98se startup disk then invoked fdisk/mbr. System seemed to take this ok. Rebooted with both drives still connected.

    XP started with usual black screen then when to blue screen stating that partitionmagic was atempting to hide H:\winxp partition but boomed out half way through stopped and said press any key to reboot. Tried that with no response. Turned off computer. Booted back up this time I selected safe mode startup still both drives connected. Got blue screen again stating that disk needed checking for errors and ran checkdisk. During chkdsk is stated that some files need updating and began copy and cross linking.

    Anyhow finally winxp blue login screen appeared with no login names available to login. This is were I am now and my computer no longer gets past this point.

    Please any ideas of how to proceed and fix this mess.

  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    As far as I know, the MBR of a SCSII HD is different from am IDE HD. That would explain your startup problems.
    If you do a repair of XP, you might be able to run Fixboot/Fixmbr on that IDE-drive, but your best bet would be to re-install afresh on the IDE-drive with that IDE selected in BIOS as the startup-HD.

    By BIOS-selecting you can still boot to SCSII if needed.
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