No Man's Sky developer reveals game only takes up 6GB on disc, first update already in works


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One of the many reasons why No Man’s Sky is often voted the most anticipated game of 2016 is the 18 quintillion planets that can be discovered and explored within its universe. There are so many different worlds in the game, searching every single one would take an estimated 585 billion years. So, how much space will it take up on disc? A mere 6GB – most of which is audio.

In a Twitter posting, Sean Murray, founder of No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games, revealed the relatively tiny amount the game will take up on the PlayStation 4’s Blu-ray disc. This is achieved through the well-documented fact that most of what you see in No Man’s Sky is procedurally generated.

Murray went on to reveal some more facts about the upcoming title. He explained that it had passed certification in Europe, the US and Asia, and it was currently being submitted for verification in Japan.

Even though it’s still a month before the game is released, Murray said that the team is working on the first update for No Man’s Sky. It’s unclear whether this will be a day one patch or some extra content set for release at a later date.

Last week, Murray announced that the game had finally gone gold (ready to be sent off for manufacturing and distribution) following four years of setbacks that included floods, legal battles, delays and death threats.

No Man’s Sky will release in the US on August 9. It will launch in Europe on August 10, and August 12 in the UK.

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Certainly looks interesting... I'm assuming it is only the planets that are procedurally generated? Or is there more? What would be really cool is doing the same thing with sound effects, models (creatures), and even textures. There would have to be a lot of parameters for these things to fall into in order to seem reasonable to us, but it could be interesting.

Anyone know if we can pilot mech-like vehicles in here?


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Really hope this game lives up to the hype. I wish someone would get around to making something like a single-player EVE Online - or even one that's just mostly PvE. If you could throw in a little in-station and planetary action that would be even better. The outfit that finally makes THAT game and gets it right will hit the jackpot.