No MOBO Post

By riceman1
Nov 23, 2007
  1. I have a Biostar K8HNA Grand with a 2800 Sempron 64 processor.
    I've connected everything and when I turn on the switch to the power supply, the power supply fan and CPU fan turn on. The case power switch and reset switch do not do anything.
    The 450W power supply is new and I've already swapped it with another known working PS.
    MOBO will not POST so I can't get a diagnostic tone.
    I've tried the MOBO in the case and I've also tried it outside the case, still no difference.
    I've tried with video card in and out.
    I've tried with 2 different memory sticks in and out.
    I've reset the CMOS and replaced the battery, still no go.

    Any ideas?
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