No Paging File in Win 2000

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Dec 17, 2006
  1. I screwed up my win2000 by using a dos version of ghost, and Powerquest Drive Image. My drive is ofcourse NT format, so now I cannot even copy my important files and try to restore/repair with the CD. Is there any way to restore this missing/too small paging file, even if I can not get into the windows gui anymore? Thanks!
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    So how did you screw it up exactly?

    Windows will happily create a new pagefile if it needs one - your problems are somewhere else like corrupt registry or not enough room on the drive to create the pagefile.
  3. Turetlat

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    Lost page file

    Thanks for your reply, I screwed up by copying my drive with powerquest drive immage from the floppies and then trying to boot. I also tried to copy using ghost. I wonder if it has anything to do with the "will hide source partition to protect original os upon completion of copy". When I tried to make copy, I received a "unsucessful or inproper dismount of drive" error after that I experienced "lost cluster" messages. I was way too fried to remember which program that was at that point. The windows boots and gets to applying your settings then keeps giving the missing page flile error. I hit ok and it keeps coming up.
    Thanks, and I try to keep this short but fail,
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    Looks like the filesystem is broken.. Test the hard drive for errors and then test/fix the filesystem after that.

    Also, if you have no idea what you are doing, better skip doing it next time.
    How about just starting over with a clear head?
  5. Turetlat

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    pagefile missing

    Thanks, usually do know, but was too tired! Should know by now! Thanks again,
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