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No Post!

By Bios
Dec 6, 2004
  1. Guys need some help from experts in here

    I used to be running on Athlon TB 1.4Ghz for more than 3 years and decided get a faster processor and tired of the noise so I bought a Pentium and got a new board and cpu. It's a Msi 661Fm2 with P4 3.0EGhz processor. The problem is that there's no post when I tried to boot!

    If I don't plug in the ATX 12v on the jpw1 on the board and boot, the psu fan and the heatink fan will be running but nothing on screen. If I plug in the ATX 12v and boot, both fans will run for 1-2secs and stop!

    I'm not sure what's the problem here. Could it be the ATX 12v connecter faulty? As I never used this connector when running on Athlon until now.

    I only installed the processor, heatsink/fan that comes with it with 1 stick of ram. I connect the monitor to the onboard vga. I have tried to re-seat the cpu and ram and tried another stick. I have even placed my board on a box just in case it's case short which I thought....

    My board supports up to 3.4EGhz, 266/333/400Mhz ddr. By the way, if the cpu is faulty, can the system still post? For this board, there's no light or D-led.

    P4 3.0EGhz
    Msi 661fm2
    420 watts psu
    266Mhz DDR ram

    FYI: I don't have a spare psu with me

    I hope someone can advised me asap and thanks
  2. jstillion

    jstillion TS Rookie Posts: 91

    I've noticed that there are two "types" of 12V connectors, older ones run at 12v, and newer ones running at higher voltage I think.

    Intel appears to have a 12V "Ver 1.x" rail standard and a 12v "Ver 2x" rail standard which is newer and guessuing require slightly more power or change.

    I would see if your mother board manual mentioned which one it needs.
  3. Bios

    Bios TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I didn't know there are 2 types of 12v connectors old/new. I thought it's standard just 1 type. Well the manual didn't says which 1 it's stated like this.

    ATX 12V Power Connector: JPW1
    This 12V power connector is used to provide power to the CPU.

    JPW1 Pin Definition
    PIN Signal
    1 GND
    2 GND
    3 12V
    4 12V

    Are you able to tell if it needs the old or new for this description?
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