No Power to Mobo

By downer
May 24, 2006
  1. My PC hates me...(and I hate my PC)

    Have been having a few problems with 'puter lately.

    Original problem was that the power had to be left on at wall switch otherwise the machine would take up to half an hour to switch on. If left plugged in at wall there was no problem.

    However, a member of family turned off wall switch and since then the PC has not started.

    Have checked the PSU by jumping the green and black cables - all HDD and CD/DVD and LED turn on, no fan on Mobo though (this would indicate to me that the PSU is OK?)

    Have tried bypassing the power switch on Mobo by jumping the Power switch pins - there is no power at all to anything. have tried removing all components (well the video card) also and there is still nothing...CMOS battery has also been removed.

    Mobo is GA-7N400 pro 2 - PSU is CodeGen 400W ATX 2.03

    Anybody have any ideas what could cause this? Any help would be much appreciated
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