No signal being sent to the monitor! *panics*

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Dec 27, 2005
  1. Hey everyone! I am what you might consider a newb, but, hey, we all started somewhere.

    I'm pulling my hair out on this problem with my desktop computer. The problem occurred when I was upgrading my RAM. I currently have a PC2700 512mb stick in one of my two slots and had gone out and bought another PC2700 512mb for the other slot.

    After turning the computer off, grounding myself, and inserting the new memory, I turned the computer on as normal. The only problem was that the monitor didn't come on as normal.

    My mouse, keyboard, fan, cd drives, and I'm pretty sure my harddrive all have power but my monitor still won't come on.

    I am using an onboard video card. I also don't hear the computer going through the windows load. I know the monitor works, because I plugged the laptop I am on right now into it and it popped up just fine.

    PLEASE HELP!!! I really don't want to buy a whole new computer! Thank you so much!
  2. LesterofPups

    LesterofPups TS Rookie Posts: 20

    sometimes Ram just can't get along. Getting the same brand can help, having the same chips on the ram sticks can help, having a matched pair can help - sometimes it's hopeless.

    One thing to try:

    put only the new stick in to see if it works on it's own.
    If yes, try them in the different slots than you've already attempted once.

    What is your Motherboard? And Ram brand (more info on ram if you have it)
  3. bvance3

    bvance3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My old RAM module is a Kingston 333 and I bought the excact same brand name and number. The motherboard I am not too sure about, my brother-in-law put it in while I was away for a year and didn't give me any paperwork on it.

    The crazy part is after I freaked out, I took out the new RAM and returned my system to the way it was before; but it still doesn't work.
  4. bvance3

    bvance3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Do you think it could be a problem with my *gasp* motherboard?
  5. mailpup

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    Just checking but are you sure you pushed the RAM modules all the way into the slot? They can be a tight fit. Did the locking tabs go into place?
  6. bvance3

    bvance3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah, I think I've done that about a billion times. I am really starting to worry. A $60 piece of RAM is about to cost me a few hundred. This sucks.
  7. iss

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    I had the same thing happen with a gigabyte 7vrx board I had two slots with ram and when I added another stick bang. turned out turned out that lot was defective didnt matter which stick of ram I used any stick of ram in that slot ended with the same results.

    to check if the slot is bad or the ram. remove the new stick and move one of the old sticks into that slot. if it works then it is probably the new ram that is bad. if the same thing happens as with the new stick then the slot is bad.
  8. LesterofPups

    LesterofPups TS Rookie Posts: 20

    At this point, I would double check to make sure everything is firmly connected, and try removing the cmos battery for about 20secs while computer is unplugged, then replacing it.

    your mobo may have a clearly marked clear cmos jumper which you could swap positions for a few secs, to achieve the same results.

    Then try to reboot.
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