No signal on monitor. All fans/lights/hd running?

By jimbocody101
Oct 16, 2007
  1. Hey guys!
    I came across this site while googleing my issue, and I'm hoping you can help me out.

    I came home from a buddy's after having my PC there for the night. Worked fine there. Brought it home, and went to plug it in and when i plugged the power cord into the psu it sparked and stunk something awful!
    I initally thought I had somehow fried the psu so I went and picked a new 550W one up (compared to my old 480W). Now, when I turn on my PC I get my fans & lights all turning on. I can feel the HD's running, but I'm getting no signal on my screen. I tried a new video card, still the same problem. Also, the first time I turn it on, if its been off for awhile, it'll stay on for about 1min, and then turn off. I power it back on, and then it'll shut down within a couple of seconds.

    Dead MOBO? I assumed that if my mobo was dead, nothing else would turn on, maybe I'm wrong though.

    Anyone else with this issue know what exactly is wrong? Any ideas would help!

    Thanks! - Cody
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