No signal on monitor, please help

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Hello, im trying to build a new computer and bought all new parts. Here are the specs.

D925XCV intel motherboard - light turns on so i think it works
intel 3.6 gig p4 processor 650 - cant really tell
2 ddr 2 ram from ocztech - i first thought this didnt work so i returned it to the factory and they sent it back, so i think it should work
3 harddrives - has the old data from the old computer
asus ax700 pro video card express pci slot - i think this is the problem

heres my problem when i plug in everything, it turns on and everything. The
monitor has no signal and doesnt turn on even though i connected it to the video card. The fan on the video card works however. Anyone help me out?


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Welcome to Techspot !
That looks like it could be a very cool machine .
Have you double checked all your connections ,cleaned terminal with an eraser, etc.?
Try new power and data cables to the monitor?
Can you test the monitor on another machine?
Can you test the card on another machine ? a lot of retailers can do this for free.
I notice the card has a DVI and an Analogue terminal.You should be trying both terminals .It might also be better to disconnect you HDD 's while you are trouble shooting .All you want to do is get to BIOs setup for now .
Ati does list having a problem ' No screen image with DVI and flat panel' but I am not sure that involves you.


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liquidlen thanks for the reply.
I dont think the monitor is the problem because with my old computer it worked fine. Its also not a flat screen monitor. Also the power cables work as well. I havent been able to test the card though because i bought it online and obtaining a rma number from asus is giving me problems, they havent reply yet. I have also noticed the other slots for the asus graphic card and tried them but still no signal. In addition to that I sometimes run the computer without any hard drives and it shuts down automatically within 15 seconds, so is this another problem. I cant really do much without seeing anything on the screen.


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Does the MB beep? How many beeps? If it's not beeping at all then you may be grounded. If the computer is responding and not the monitor, then a few things are possible:

Card isn't in the slot all the way.
On board video is on in the bios or jumper.
The monitor isn't plugged in all the way.
Or your jumper settings may not be correct for the hardware you have installed.

Be sure to read your manuals, sometimes they contain a "DUH" solution just by following their setup directions.


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there are no beeps to the motherboard. the card is as in as it possibly can be in, in the pci express slot. For some reason this motherboard doesnt have an agp slot or a built in graphics card so i cannot test it. The monitor is also plugged in all the way its nothing to do with the monitor. The jumper settings are correct I only hooked up one hard drive and set it to master. So i really have no clue what could be the problem. Thanks for the help though much appreciation. I have a sitting duck until i can figure out whats wrong......


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Hello manacloud1

I believe that I have exactly the same trouble that you are having.
I also built a system. My motherboard is an Asus P5AD2E Premium.
My video card is also an Asus AX700 but I have the Extreme PRO version with 256MB.

I bought a Viewsonic VX2000 DVI/Analog monitor. The monitor has both VGA and DVI ports, and was supplied with a both DVI-D and VGA cables.

I am also getting “no signal” on the monitor when it is connected to the DVI port on the video card..
But when connected to the VGA output or the DVI port using the DVI/VGA adapter it works fine.
I can even use two monitors, one on the DVI port with VGA adapter, and the other on the VGA port.

I have tried upgrading all the drivers, and even the mobo BIOS.
I have tried drivers from both Asus and ATI but neither works for DVI.

I have installed and re-installed the chipset drivers, and tried changing various parameters, including PCI Express frequency to the lowest (90).
Nothing works.

Now here’s the interesting part:

I brought my computer (without the monitor) into work the other day and connected it to a Dell Ultrasharp monitor using the DVI cable. It worked!!
I also tried it with both the DVI and VGA cables connected to the same monitor and I could switch between analog and digital.

Now suspecting that my monitor or it’s driver was the problem, I contacted Viewsonic.
They couldn’t offer much and sent me a form for an RMA to return the monitor.
But I really did not believe that the monitor was the problem.
So I brought the monitor into work, and connected it to a computer with an Nvidea card with DVI output. And wouldn’t you know, the monitor worked too!!

So I’ve got a working monitor, and a video card that will drive one DVI monitor, but not another.

Viewsonic told me that they have had trouble with all the ATI cards with the exception of the 9700 and 9800 cards. Neither of those cards is PCI Express.

It is looking like I will have to return the video card and get an Nvidea based one instead.
I liked the ATI card because it got better reports than the Nvidea, and it does not require separate power input from the PC.
But I will do whatever it takes to get a DVI signal on this beautiful Viewsonic VX2000 monitor. This monitor is displaying an excellent image even when using the VGA connector, so I am looking forward to getting a DVI signal to it.

It has been very frustrating. I have spent all of my free time (late nights too) for an entire week, and only now do I realize that I have two great pieces of equipment that won’t work together.

I’ll keep you posted on what I find, and hope you will do the same.

Good luck



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fw it is the same exact problem i am having and its very frustrating. I would have bought another card if my mother board didnt support pci express, but it does and when i bought the extreme pro ax700 i thought it would work but now i just get no signal, i have already requested an rma and hopefully it will work when i get it back, and if not i have to get a new monitor which i am not aiming for. However my motherboard doesnt have any new drivers installed yet cause i cannot see what im doing without the graphics card working so i have to get the card working first then i can install drivers etc. Right now i still have a great computer but its just sitting there not working because of some dumb video card i thought would be great to this addition of what im building.


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When I set out to build a great system, I started with Asus. I had always heard that they were the best for motherboards.
So I bought the P5AD2E Premium, which is their top of the line board.
It has PCI Express, and I thought making the choice to go with an Asus graphics card I wouldn't have any trouble.
Well, I don't have trouble between the mobo and the graphics. I never expected to have this problem with the montior and graphics card.
I am now going to request an RMA to return the EAX700PRO to the vendor I bought it from, and purchase an NVidea based board instead.
I haven't heard about any problems with NVidea 6800 chipsets. That board would be a lot more expensive ($150 more) but it has 256 bit memory pipe instead of 128 like the AX700 does.

If for some reason the vendor will not take the card back, I will try to get satisfaction from Asus. And if not them, I will be stuck with the board, and running my monitor on analog channel until ATI comes out with a fix for the driver. They are aware of the problem, and will probably release the new driver soon.
I am going to try talk to someone at Asus tomorrow and ask about a new driver. ATI makes the boards for Asus, so we are looking at ATI for the driver.

I don't believe that Asus will be able to do anything with your board, as the problem is not a defect in the board, but in the driver.

Good luck. I'll let you know what Asus says.



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fw do you think the drivers will be out soon, and where could i download them. However how can i even set up my new computer without even seeing what to do. This is a very difficult situation. Also would a computer shut off if I dont have a graphics card installed or would it continue to run if its working right. Right now my computer has no drivers or bios installed. :(


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If your monitor supports analog, you can connect your monitor to the VGA port or the DVI port using the DVI to VGA adapter that came with the card.
This is what I have been doing since I purchased the card.

The drivers can be downloaded either from Asus site or ATI.
I didn't get an answer from Asus on new drivers. Their tek support (by e-mail) is horrible. The guy who answered my inquiries is cluless.
They are located in China, so if you e-mail their tek support at night they may reply the same night.

I am returning my EAX700PRO to the vendor I bought it from.
I have purchased a BFG 6800 GT OC card instead. This one uses the NVidea 6800 chipset and is much faster, and of course much more expensive. But I decided to go that way because I am building a high-end system and didn't want to compromise on the graphics, since I love high detail and fast action.

Good luck in getting any support from Asus or ATI.. Reports have said that both are very bad.
On the other hand, BFG has the best support I have ever read about.

It's hard to find PCI Express cards that don't cost a lot. But soon there will be more choices.



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the card your getting is very expensive. Fw I tried using the dvi to vga connector, but still no signal to my envision monitor. another thing is i bought my graphics card online at new egg i dont think they take refunds and sending it back to asus for refunds i dont think they allow that either.
just randomly wondering - have you checked if you need to mess with any settings in the bios? i have a p4 3.0 775 running on an asus p5gd1-vm, and last week i plugged in 2 brand new sata drives and... NOTHING! eventually, i had to change a 'disabled' to 'enabled' in the bios... don't know about the monitor issues (i posted my own recently, someone please help, i have to play high heat 2004 !!!(well, 2005 with the new rosters)) but my board came with many of the great new features of the board (like native sata support) disabled for some reason... i'm not sure if there's a PCIe option to use, but it's worth a shot...

ooops i'm stupid, just realized you can't see the bios...


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well thats the thing

its a new motherboard so i havent installed the drivers. I cant even see what im doing right now because the monitor gets no signal from the graphics card. If i could see what i am doing i could tamper with the bios.
Newbie Here with no monitor signal

Son has built with new equipment(has done several over the years, as have I):
Elite 915PL-A2 ECS mobo
Intel 915 Pentium IV LGA 775
Celeron D 3.4 Ghz
NVidia GeForce 6200-LE
512 MB Memory

At this point, all turns on and runs within the tower, but as others have noted on the board, the monitor(worked prior) has 'no signal' error..... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! All purchased within past few days at Tiger Direct, Durham, NC. I'm in Illinois and am his net link for now. Both flat screen and regular monitors have been tried to no avail. Thanks... D'Marie
My apologies

So sorry to invade your sector. had been reading all your info and replies, but didn't realize when I posted that it would be added to yours. Good luck on your unit. D'Marie
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