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Nov 7, 2004
  1. i recently baught a linksys wireless network adapter ( WMP54GS ) for my PC, after installing everything correctly and doing everything that was said in the manual i was not able to get a signal... i dont know why i tried everything possible. i have a wireless g broadband router ( WRT54G ) which should work fine with the adapter... i dont know what is wrong someone please help
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    do you have security enabled? i had a simliar problem when i bought a network card for my pc.. i was using WPA but turned out the card i bought did not support that, so i had to reset my security to WEP, after that i was able to get a signal without a problem... hope this helps some..
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    hmm i just went into the router configurations at and i went to wireless. The security mdoe was disabled, so i set it on WEP and entered passphrase and generated key's and reinstalled the adapter software with the correct information and it still wont work :( does anyone have anymore suggestions on what might be wrong? anything would be appreciated, thanks
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    Turn off security until you have everything working.
    Check that you have enabled wireless on the router.
    Disable all firewall thingies on your computer.
    Set the channel on the router and on your computer manually to 6 or 11.
  5. StormBringer

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    As Nodsu said, disable security, security can be added after you get it working. Make sure it works without any security first, then enable it, this goes for encryption, firewall settings in the router and firewall software on the computer(s).
    I'd not recommend using CH6, almost every router sold (at least in the US) is on 6 by default. If you have a neighbor with a wireless router, his could interfere with yours if he has not changed it(most people don't even know how to change it). I would recommend 11, as nodsu suggested. I'd also ask if you have any other 2.4GHz devices such as cordless phones, wireless security system, baby monitor, etc... I once dealt with a guy who had a set of wireless speakers that were causing a problem, he didn't mention it because the stereo wasn't on, but the speakers were in Standby mode which is as good as on.

    Also make sure your "radio" is enabled on the card. This may be refered to as radio, antenna, signal, or simply wireless. If it is off you won't see anything.

    Oh, also make sure you are "broadcasting" from the router, otherwise you'll need to configure the card to connect using the SSID(default for linksys routers is linksys) it is case sensitive!

    If you are using WinXP SP2, you might want to look for a newer driver for that card, I know that many manufacturers have recently released drivers to fix issues with SP2 and wireless. As you probably know, the odds of buying any device that already comes with the latest driver are slim to none.
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