no sound after f disk and re-install of XP

By blewis
Sep 30, 2004
  1. Hi I am having a similar problem. My system crashed after loading a game for my grandson and I finally had to format the hard drive and reinstall everything. (Never figured out why it crashed and burned) The sound worked fine before the reformat but there is no sound after. The hardware appears correct, the speakers are plugged in, the jumpers are correct, the volume is turned up and not muted and I've installed new (updated) drivers, but alas not a peep. I've removed the hardware from device manager and reinstalled it multiple times. Level 2 tech support wants me to pull everything out of the case and boot with the MB sitting on a piece of cardboard in case there's a short, but I'm not comfortable doing this. I did pull out all the cards and check the mounting screws and everything looked ok, all the little cardboard circles are intact. This is on board sound on an Asus A7N8X-X motherboard running XP Home Edition. Any other suggestions?
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    You need to make sure it isn't disabled in the BIOS. Restart the computer and press DEL or F1 after you hear it beep. Once you are in there you need to look for where the onboard sound is configured and make sure it is ENABLED.

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